Wings, Sauces & Flavours


Add veggies & dip 1.50. Add fries or house salad 4.00.

1/2 POUND (1 flavour) 9.00
1 POUND (1 flavour) 15.00
1-1/2 POUNDS (1 flavour) 22.00
2 POUNDS (1 or 2 flavours) 29.00
TRIPLE Threat (1 to 3 flavours) 40.50
Foursome (4 lbs - 2 flavours) 54.00
Fiver (5 lbs - 3 flavours) 65.00
10 Pounder (10 lbs - 4 flavours) 125.00
Flavour PACK 31.00
2 lbs of wings (plain, dusted or souther fried) - four flavours (tossed or on the side)


No Heat

Sweet & Sour Honey Garlic Honey Mustard
Teriaki Pineapple Curry Honey, I'm Feeling Blue (Honey Garlic & Blue Cheese)
Canadian Candy (Honey Garlic & Maple) Honey Garlic & Teriyaki Sweet Secret (Honey Garlic & WC Secret)
Caesar Caesar & Parmesan Italian Stallion (Caesar & Dill)
BBQ Smokey BBQ Sweet Cowboy (BBQ & Honey Garlic)
Blue Moon (BBQ & Blue Cheese) Urban Cowboy (BBQ, Pineapple & Curry) Misty Blue Moon (Smokey BBQ & Blue Cheese)
Smokey Sweet (Smokey BBQ & Honey Garlic) Ranch Hand (Smokey BBQ & Ranch) Country Karaoke (Smokey BBQ & Teriyaki)
Honey B! (BBQ & Honey Mustard) Blue Bayou (Blue Cheese) Buttermilk Dill


Mild Italian Job (Mild, Parm & Italian Spices) Mild Canuck (Mild & Maple)
Double Garlic COUNTRY CAJUN (Honey Garlic & Blue Cheese) Cool Creole (Creole Mustard & Caesar)
Caribbean Sunset (BBQ & Caribbean Jerk) Pepped Up Ranch (Black Pepper & Ranch) Creole Mustard
Honey, I'm Home (Honey BBQ & Mild)


Medium Thai Candied Heat (Honey BBQ & Medium)
Chipotle Texican (Medium, BBQ, Taco) Friendly Canuck (Almost Hot! Medium & Maple)
Caribbean Torch (Smokey BBQ & Jerk) Tiki Torch (Thai & Pineapple Curry) Kicked Up A Notch (Medium & BBQ)
Beach Party (Medium, BBQ & Jerk) Asian Cajun (Thai & Creole Mustard) Asian Fusion (Smokey BBQ & Thai)


Hot Sweet Heat! (Extra Hot & Honey Garlic) Ragin' Cajun (Creole Mustard & Hot)
Blue Flame (Blue Cheese & Hot) Hot Honey! (Hot & Honey Garlic) Hot Mustard (Hot & Honey Mustard)
BBQ Bronco (BBQ & Hot)


Extra Hot Cayenne Kicked In The Dills! (Extra Hot & Buttermilk Dill)
El Diablo Ranchero! (Ranch & Extra Hot) Roman Candle (Caesar, Ranch & Extra Hot) Sweet Heat! (Extra Hot & Honey Garlic)
Southern Heat (BBQ & Extra Hot) Hot Canadian (Extra Hot & Maple)

You've Been Warned

Crazy Hot Spontaneous Combustion! (Extra Hot & Spontaneous!) Triple Threat! (Extra Hot, Cayenne & Spontaneous!)
New Orleans Is Sinking! (Extra Hot, Creole & Spontaneous!) Blaze Of Glory! (Extra Hot, Double Garlic & Spontaneous!) Fire In The Hole! (Smokey BBQ, Hot & Spontaneous!)

WC Dry Flavours

No Heat

Parmesan Taco Salt & vinegar
Salt & pepper Double Garlic Ketchup
Dry Dill


Dry Cajun Naked Buffalo


Spicy Lemon (Cayenne & Lemon Pepper)

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