Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Lightly coated, seasoned, crispy fried & served with a Wing Central flavour on the side with hush puppies and chicken gravy dipping.

Add your choice of fries, garden salad or house-made potato chips 4.00.

2 Pieces 9.00
3 Pieces 12.50
4 Pieces 16.50
Chicken Fingers 16.00
Lightly coated, served with your favourite wing flavour and choice of fries, house-made potato chips or house salad.
Popcorn Chicken 18.00
A basket full; battered & deep fried. Served plain or tossed in your favourite wing flavour. Fries, house made potato chips or house salad on the side.

Fried Chicken Dinner

9 Pieces, Hush Puppies, Chicken Gravy & 2 Wing Central Flavours 38.00
Add veggies and dip 1.50. Add fries, house-made potato chips or house salad 4.00.

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